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What are chances of Hypospadias in my next Child?


Most of the parents ask “Is Hypospadias a genetic disorder?” Another query is “What are chances of Hypospadias in my next Child?”

Hypospadias is a disease which has many causes. One of the main causes is Genetics. Genetics means that this disease may run in genes. 

Is Hypospadias genetic?

In genetic diseases, there is a certain pattern of disease. If a child has any eugenic disease, there are chances that another child may have same disease. Similarly, if father has that disease, child may have same disease. 

Same pattern may be followed in case of Hypospadias. Therefore, parents of children with Hypospadias have this query in their minds.

Important Facts about Hypospadias:

  • If a child has Hypospadias, there are 14% chances that next child may have Hypospadias. 
  • Males who have Hypospadias, have higher chances that their children may have it. An estimated 8%of the fathers having it, may have similar problem in their sons.
  • Those males who have Distal type of Hypospadias have higher chances of having same problem in their children, as compared to this who have Sever type of HypospadiasStudies have shown that mild variety of this disease, has higher transmission.
  • Another important point to note here is that both maternal and paternal lineage have similar chances of transmission of this problem. It means there are equal chances of transmission of this disease both from maternal and paternal lineages. 


  • Is Hypospadias genetic?
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All of these factors support the fact that Hypospadias has something to do with genes. However, still studies have not pinned point the gene responsible. 

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