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Hypospadias causes

Six tips to prevent Hypospadias in next children

Prevent Hypospadias

Hypospadias is the most common penile problem in male children. There are many causes and important to prevent it. It is prevalent in all societies across the world.

There are many factors which may lead to this disease. Therefore, scientists have not identified a single cause yet. We call it a multi-factorial disease.

Among families, who have any male member having this disease, there are chances that any new child may also have it. Therefore, among parents whose child has Hypospadias, most common cancern is to prevent it in next children.

For this matter, we are summarising six important tips to prevent it in next child.

1. Stop Smoking

“Smoking is injurious to Health”

Although, we have been listening to this narration since ages. But still, the fact is that smoking is quite oftenly seen in all cultures.

Along with many other diseases, smoking is one of the main factors which causes Hypospadias in newborns. There has been strong evidence that maternal smoking is a risk factor for Hypospadias in Newborns.

Tips for Hypospadias

Therefore, we strongly recommend for mothers to stop smoking before next conception. 

2. Say No to Alcohol

Alcohol consumption has been a proven cause of this disease. In a study, scientists have noted that Alcohol usage increase the risk of this disease in newborns more than two time.

Alcohol Hypospadias

Therefore, we strongly recommend for mothers to stop/reduce Alcohol intake before next conception. 

3.Reduce weight

Risk of Hypospadias among mothers who are overweight is quite high. It has been observed in research, that overweight of mothers is a significant risk factor. This obesity/ overweight increases risk of many disease in newborns. These diseases include Hypospadias in children and other diseases of heart and tummy.

The cause of this increased risk is the free hormones which may be circulating in blood of these mothers. Also, large number of chemicals are stored in fats of these mothers which may lead to hypospadias in newborns.

obesity Hypospadias

Therefore, we strongly recommend  for mothers to reduce their weight and have normal range BMI before next conception. 

4. Take Regular Folic Acid

Folic acid is very much necessary for pregnant mothers. It becomes particularly important after first pregnancy. Maternal store of Folic acid is exhausted, If there is less gap between two pregnancies, . So due to this deficiency, newborn is at risk to many diseases. Among the list of these disease, Hypospadias is also there.

Because of the timing of formation of disease in newborns, folic acid must have been started before the time of conception. It becomes more important in resource-limiting countries like us.

Hypospadias Folic Acid

Therefore, we strongly recommend for mothers to take regular folic acid tablet and to start it before next conception. 

5. Regular Checkup to the Doctor:

As many diseases in children and newborns are related to no/less checkup tot he doctor. In this context, regular checkup to your doctor is necessary. This regular checkup will help you identify the problems timely and manage them adequately.

hypospadias in children

















Therefore, start regular checkup and visit to your doctor. 

6. Add meat in your diet

Research has shown that vegetarian diet of mother is associated with increased risk of hypospadias. The reason behind this risk is the increased amount of harmful materials in vegetables. Vegetables do not contain harmful materials. But it is the increased usage of medicines which are sprayed over these vegetables, they may be a risk. Also increased vegetarian diet increases the oestrogen level of mothers.

hypospadias in children

Therefore, we strongly recommend for mothers to add meat in their diet along with the vegetables and fruits to prevent Hypospadias in children. 


Hypospadias causes




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