Bowel Management Program

Bowel Management Program

Kids Pelvic Surgery offers a comprehensive Bowel Management Program for patients (both children and adults) suffering from constipation and/or fecal incontinence (who cannot control their potty). In this program, we provide customized treatment for these children.


Who must attend this program?

  • Patients who were previously repaired anorectal malformations and cloacal malformations
  • Patients who were previously repaired Hirschsprung disease
  • Those with Motility disorder and severe and chronic constipation 
  • Children who have Spinal disorders that affect the bowel (spina bifida, myelomeningocele, absent sacrum, sacrococcygeal teratoma)

When Bowel Management Program is Started?

We conduct hosts our Bowel Management Program once a month. Usually it starts in the second week of the month. For next available dates, please feel free to Contact us.

How it Works?

Firstly, all the patients are seen in clinic and first assessed by our team. They will get all the previous record and investigations. Then our team will go through all the record. Then, they will advise you if any other investigation or examination is needed. After all evaluation,  we may start either enemas or laxatives to ensure that your child has a clean bowel before treatment begins. Treatment of every individual is different and is unique. It is planned according to needs and specific intestine behaviour. 

How much stay is required for this Program?

It is a 7-Days Program so parents must be having at least 7 days free from their work. It is particularly important for those travelling from other cities. They will have to stay for at least 7 days. It is better that you contact our team before coming.  Please send all records to us and let us go through it. We will advise you any further investigations according to the need. Generally, we advise that you must get that investigation at your own city. This is to minimise patient’s stay away from home. 

What is the success rate?

It has a very high success rate of more than 95%. Almost all of our patients are diaper free after the treatment. And they pass stool on their own on daily basis.

Is this treatment available for adults also?

Yes, we take care of both children as well as adult patients in this Program. There is no limitation of the age. Generally, adults have a better potential to learn. Because they have understood their intestines and their body. 

What are the Charges of this Program?

The charges for this Program currently are 20,000 Rs which include:

  • Initial evaluation
  • 7-Days consultation to our clinic
  • Full-support after the Program

These charges don’t include

  • Any Ultrasound or other test required
  • Any Examination under Anesthesia (If required)
  • Daily X-rays of the child

Will be my Child able to go to School without Diaper?

Yes, we can assure you with 95% surety that your child will be Diaper free. However, there are 5% chances of failure of this treatment.

What if my child doesn’t get better after this Program?

As mentioned earlier, there is a very small percentage of patients who go through “Failure” after this program. For these patients, however, we offer an extensive program and they might need some surgery. It depends upon the condition of the child and behaviors or his intestine. 

At what age do you recommend this Program?

We enroll patients when they are at least in the age of toilet training. We enroll patient with age 3 years and above.


Bowel Management Program
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