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Adult circumcision (khatna/suntain) is the surgical removal of foreskin in adults. During the procedure, the doctor cuts off the foreskin and gives it a shape that looks longer. Nobody can deny the benefit of adult circumcision, some of which are as follows:
• It decreases the incidence of Urinary tract infection (UTI) in males.
• There are lower chances of sexually transmitted diseases
• It can reduce chances of penile cancer
• Mostly, it is a religious ritual like in Islam and Jews.   
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Here we answer the most frequently asked questions about adult circumcision which patients have.

Do I need to Wash it after Circumcision(khatna/suntain)?

The patient should avoid washing the penis for 48 hours after the circumcision.  In these first 48 hours, you can wash it carefully with water sprinkled on its tip while preventing the dressing from being soaked with water.
After 48 hours, we advise you to wash it thoroughly with water. We advise you to stand under the shower and let the dressing completely soaked with water. After that, wash the penis daily at least twice with tap water. 

What should I wear after adult Circumcision?

After circumcision, we advise you to wear loose and soft cloths to prevent contact of the penis with clothes. It reduces irritation and rashes. If possible, avoid wearing the underwear for 4-5 days. You can wear any loose trousers, meanwhile.

When I can have Sexual Intercourse?

We advise you to avoid sexual intercourse with your partner for 2-3 weeks, preferably. As the wound is in the healing phase, it may get damaged if you rub it forcefully.  Also, pressure can be harmful to the penis and wound. 

What will be the care of Stitches?

We use dissolvable stitches for circumcision in adults. It may take 2-3 weeks to dissolve. We advise the patients to use saline water or tap water to wash the stitches carefully during this time. It is important to note that if stitches are not taken care of, it may harm the wound, and stitches may need to be applied again. 
So please keep it clean and dry. Stitches will fall off by themselves in the next 10-14 days. You do not revisit any doctor for the removal of stitches.   

What is advice for work out and exercise?

We usually advise avoiding any heavy workout, exercises, swimming until and unless the wound is not healed up to the mark. However, you may walk, meanwhile.

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How painful is the procedure?

The surgery is performed under local/general/ or spinal anesthesia. We usually advise and prefer local anesthesia in adults. However, it is the choice of the patient, and he may opt for any of these. After the surgery, pain may vary from mild to moderate. Normal painkillers can easily overcome the pain after the procedure. If pain after the procedure is unbearable, please contact your doctor. However, usually, it is controllable and not an issue. 

Does it bleed after the surgery?

 Usually, there is not much bleeding in the postoperative course.  If you see a few droplets of blood on the dressing, it is normal. The chances of bleeding are more in the initial 6 hours after the surgery. You must immediately consult the doctor in case of excessive bleeding, which can occur due to various reasons. 

What type of anesthesia is used?

In adults, we can use three types of anesthesia
1. Local anesthesia — in this type, we give an injection around that area, and procedure is performed painlessly
2. Spinal anesthesia — in this type, we give injection at the back (spinal cord) and lower half of body is anesthetized.
3. General anesthesia — in this type, we give injection into the veins (through a canula at hand) and patient is given complete/full sedation for procedure.
As it is a daycase procedure, we advise and prefer local anesthesia.
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What is dietary advice after an adult circumcision?

A good healthy diet, including meat, iron, and fruits, helps speed up the process of healing. So, we don’t advise to avoid any particular food after adult circumcision. However, it is better to take the meat and high proteins to enhance the recovery process.

Will erection be harmful after Circumcision?

It is advisable to avoid all factors which may cause the erection because it may cause disrupting the freshly applied stitches. Also, it will be harmful to the process of healing. Therefore, we usually advise some medications to prevent erection for 14 days.  

What will be the care of dressing after an adult circumcision?

circumcision khatna suntain
After adult circumcision, we do a dressing in surgery. We advise removing this first dressing after 48 hours of surgery. For the removal of this dressing, we advise you to take a thorough shower. We recommend to stand beneath the shower and let this dressing get soaked thoroughly. After that, gently remove the dressing. We advise no further dressing. Keep it open without any dressing afterward.
If the first dressing falls by itself within 48 hours, leave it as such, and no need to do the dressing again.

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Some FAQ's About Circumcision (Khatna/Suntain)

No. Circumcision does not increase the size of the penis.

Circumcision can be painful, but pain medications and anesthetics can reduce discomfort. These are often used during the procedure or afterward to help with any pain.

The best age for circumcision in newborns is within first month of life. However, it can be done at nay age.

The pain is generally not severe. Over-the-counter medication like acetaminophen or ibuprofen should be enough to alleviate the discomfort that you are feeling, making it better for you as your body heals from surgery and recovers from its effects.

The cost of circumcision depends upon the age of the patient, type of anesthesia and the type of procedure. Please call at our helpline number and our team will guide you the exact details.

Circumcising a male is never too late, though the ideal time to do it is when they are infants.

Yes, it can be performed at any age. It is most commonly done within the first month of life or soon after birth.

Studies found that patients’ sexual performance is improved especially for the confidence of erection & sexual drive after adult circumcision

Removing too much preputial skin can have an unsatisfactory cosmetic and functional result. Patients with a congenital anomaly known as ‘buried penis’ are particularly susceptible to this problem.