Anal Dilatation Program

Anal Dilatation Program

Anal Dilatation Program (insertion of anal dilators) is started in patients having Anorectal Malformation or Imperforate Anus and among whom PSARP had been done. After 2 weeks of PSARP surgery, the child is examined under General Anesthesia, and the wound is checked. Also, at the same time, the Dilator size is determined, and furthermore parents are told about this size. Parents are then advised to pass this dilator daily, twice a day, regularly.

Procedure of Anal Dilatation Program:

The procedure to pass these dilators is simple.
  • First of all, place your child lying on his back in any comfortable space. Gather all the equipment needed for it, which include:
      • Lignocaine Gel
      • Dilator set
      • Gloves
      • Toys of the child
  • Now remove the clothes of the child and hold his legs straight up in the air.
  • Then gently pass the dilator after applying Lignocaine Gel into the child’s bottom and place it there for 30 seconds.
  • Now remove it and pass it again into the bottom of the child.
  • Please wait for 30 seconds and let it stay there.
  • At the end, take the dilator out and put on clothes to the child.
  • Lastly, take care of all materials and pack them back
  We gradually stop this Anal dilatation Program. We have a criteria that the child reaches adequate size of the dilator. You can see the required size of your child according to the age:
Age of ChildSize of Dilator
1-4 months#12
1-3 Years#15
3-12 Years#16
More than 12 Years#17
  Once the child has reached the dilator’s required size, he is ready for the next surgery (Colostomy Reversal)


  The scheme for management of patients with Anorectal Malformation/ Imperforate Anus can be found here. Schedule Colorectal Surgery The details of Anal Dilatation Program in Urdu Language are available here. ANAL DILATATION SCHEDULE

Some FAQ's About Anal Dilatation Program

Anal dilation is normally done twice a day with a metal Hegar dilator that will slowly stretch (dilate) the anus.

Patients with internal hemorrhoids experience an improvement in condition after either anal dilatation under general anesthesia or rubber band ligation without anesthesia, according to latest research

Anal dilators are an effective, economical, and safe treatment for anal sphincter dysfunction.

Anal dilatation, when performed systematically and in a standardized manner, has an accurate success rate with no complications. It does not cause long-term negative effects on anal sphincter function

Anal dilation is required to keep the child’s newly created anus open to the right size. Anal dilation is usually performed twice a day with a metal Hegar dilator that will slowly stretc the anus.