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Ten Questions about Fecal Incontinence

Fecal Incontinence is a common problem in children as well as in adults. It is very much problematic from both psychological as well social point of view. Patients who suffer from it, face a lot of difficulties. It is usually not only the patient, but whole family is facing some stress.

It becomes even problematic in children. They are in a growing age and are usually depressed by the bullying which they routinely face.

Here we summarise ten most frequently asked questions by the parents about feral incontinence.

Question 1: What is the cause of fecal incontinence?

There are many caused of it. We can mainly divide them into two categories:

  • Medical causes: Most common medical cause is the chronic constipation (Qabz) in children. In children who have sever constipation, fecal incontinence starts in them. It is because of that hard stool gets impacted in those children and then soft stool gets no way to pass out.
chronic constipation
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Question 2: Is fecal incontinence treatable?

Yes, it is a treatable condition. There are many treatment options available. All of these options have their own advantages and disadvantages. When you are considering the options for its treatment, have a detailed discussion with your doctor.

Question 3: Is my child going to be diaper free?

Yes, it is very much possible. It depends upon the cause of fecal incontinence. For this purpose, we offer Bowel Management Program. After this treatment, there are more than 95% chances that your child will be diaper-free.

Question 4: Does he need any surgery?

It all depends upon the cause of fecal incontinence. As mentioned, you may opt for surgery or other treatments with no surgery. If child is having congenital problem, then he may need surgery.

Question 4: How to diagnose the cause?

For this purpose, we go step by step:

  • First of all, we will undergo complete history.
  • Then, we will undergo all the record available. If any surgery has been done previously, we will see its details.
  • Then we will do the examination of genitalia, anus, abdomen and back
  • Then, we may get some tests: X-ray abdomen, X-ray lumbosacral spine , Barium enema, MRI
  • Finally, after going through all these steps, we may tell you the cause of these symptoms.

Question 5: Is he going to live a normal quality of life ?

yes we will try to improve the quality of life by treating your child.

will he develop normal bowel controls?

Maybe or maybe not, depending on the cause

Is incontinence associated with diet ?

Some diets can cause diarrhea and fecal soiling

what is treatment ?

potty training ,constipating diet ,oral laxatives ,enemas, bowel management program and surgical treatment if there is any congenital problem

what is prognosis for fecal incontinence ?

certain factors will explain the prognosis of incontinence, like normal sacrum, good sphinchter muscles, ARM

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